Car Maintenance Tips for Road Trips

Eight Excellent Car Maintenance Tips for Road Trips

  • Here comes the most cherished vacation time. If you want to take your family or your group of friends for a wonderful excursion or sightseeing tour by road then before packing luggage spare some time for your vehicle. It’s most primary work to do before going for any car trip especially with your family. As you will not like to experience with an unexpected grumbling engine in the middle of the adventure and sour the excitement. While you make sure all the things have been packed for the vacation in the same manner make double assurance that your vehicle is in ship shape. There are few car maintenance tips for road trips, these tips will help you in considering certain fundamental aspects of car which should not be ignored at any cost. These tips will not only make your journey fun n frolic by car but ensures safety throughout your entire journey.
  • Check Car Tyres: Check the condition of tyres and replace it with new on if they show too much wearing and tearing. Ask mechanic for Tyre rotation if required and make sure tyres are properly inflated. It’s highly recommended to keep a good spare tyre in usable form in case of need.


  • Replacing windshield wiper Blades: Wiper blades get hard and flaky, check their performance, if not in good condition simply get it replaced. Windshield wiper blades come very handy as you don’t know when exactly it starts raining.
  • Check Coolant Level: Coolant plays the vital role in keeping car engine cool and prevents it from overheating. As your vehicle will be running for long hours. Top up the coolant before leaving for the trip.
  • Fill the Washer Fluid and other essential fluids: Vehicle requires various types of fluids for smooth running if different components. Thus, make sure the fluid levels are up to the optimum mark.
  • Lubes and Oils: It’s very important to get the oil changed and all the lubricating work done before setting off. The thick dirty oil and unconditioned parts it will consume more fuel. Hence to make your trip with efficient mileage get the oil changed.
  • Check Air Filters: Check that air filters are clean if they are clogged get it changed. A dirty air filter results in car idle situation or the car performs roughly.
  • Get the Fuel System checked: The correct fuel system is very important and clean intake valve and combustion chambers should be free from carbon deposits. This helps in good performance and mileage and reduces emissions. This facilitates engine to work smoothly and shows higher consistency during stop – and – go driving conditions.
  • Get the Suspension Inspected: Replace the old and worn out suspensions. The proper suspensions help in overcoming jerks and bumps very easily.

Besides going through the above mentioned car maintenance tips for road trips, the motorist must visit the authorized service stations to get the car mechanical components, electrical system and chassis inspected by the expert mechanics.Try to keep necessary things in boot and avoid unnecessary weight to keep the car light and it will give good average. While driving maintain uniform speed and don’t accelerate too much all of sudden, Drive in high gear and try to be consistent, it gives good fuel mileage.

Journeying by car is most enjoyable and thrilling for any   trips whether short or long. Before leaving for the trip the car should be checked for any issues. The car maintenance tips for road trips help in getting the knowledge of car care which should be performed before leaving out for anywhere. Car trip can be enjoyable by following the maintenance tips


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