Tips for Traveling Light for Memorable Trip

4 Things you keep in mind before you Pack Your Bags for Holiday: Easy way to  travel light.


Holiday comes and here we pack baggage’s to get set go, but is there any way to travel light without missing any important things. The bulk traveling becomes difficult when you don’t find porters on railway station or sometimes you have to carry or drag your heavy bags to retire room or taxi stands. Traveling light even helps to get enough space in your boot and keeps your car fee from unnecessary weight.Catch some cool suggestions.

  • Clothes: Basically clothes are the major part of your luggage. It depends upon where you are holidaying. Carry clothes according to the place and weather. Opt for wrinkle free clothing and fabrics which dries quickly. Judiciously, pack your clothes so that you can find easily when you unpack your belonging. It’s wise to pack children things differently as their bags are need to be used more frequently. Buy a durable backpack and a trolley suitcase; these things are very easy to carry.
  • Avoid Unnecessary Foot wears: Its tendency of many travelers to pack 3-4 foot pairs. Simply you settle with a comfortable shoes or pair of flip-flops or sandals according to the place you are visiting. It will help you to get rid of some unnecessary weight.
  • Eatables and Drinks: These days you will find food outlets everywhere. But you should always carry energy bars and homemade sweets and savories nicely packed in disposable packs. Use disposable serving plates etc it will help you to light your bag and you can easily throw away the empty food bags. This will help you in traveling a lot and don’t stop at unhealthy food kiosk on highways. Carry good water storage enough for your long journeys.
  • Carry Utilities: Carry only those utility which you will need while traveling and not staying at hotels and resorts. Use disposable napkins during journey. For children it’s very useful. If you have booked a good hotel, then you will get plenty of toiletries and fresh towels including clean bedding. If you will stay in budget hotel, then you must carry few basic things along with towels and mosquito repellent, as you have no choice. Never forget to keep a bag of first-aid, necessary pills, torches, umbrellas, plastic ropes, candles and matches.

Finally, I would suggest that before traveling get the details of weather forecast, understand the climatic conditions, if you are with family make sure to get the hotel room booked online or with a reliable travel agent and try to negotiate and avail discounts and be frank to ask about complimentary services you can have during stay. In fact there are tour packages available in different budget. But whatever, the thing packing is always in your hand. Hence, use above mentioned tips and enjoy your trip with fun and frolic.


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