Worshiping Nature is First Step Towards Spiritualism



“Lord Krishna”







Spiritualism is everywhere in some form and practices, the years old belief and tradition being carried out is not uncommon to any civilization. For me the nature and spirituality is two wheels of the civilization. That why the civilization developed on bank of rivers in all the countries like Egyptian, Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa and modern cities all dwell near rivers. People use to pray as well as dread nature. We have instances of worshiping nature in different forms in almost all the world from primitive time to present time.



In India “Nature is Very Holy” it means that there is large number of holy practices done for nature. For instance, Hindus have custom of offering water to Sun ‘God Surya’ in the dawn. Special prayers are offered to rivers and cows. In fact cow is considered as mother in Hindu religion and is considered as able to cure many problems and diseases, how can we forget Lord Krishna’s affection towards cow. It’s astonishing that Krishna’s village main source of income was dairy and dairy products. And the village “Vrindavan and Brij” was very rich and prosperous and use to pay high revenue to the king with great ease. Cow is given high respect and considered as ‘Mata or Mother’ in Hindu household.



Many trees are also worshiped in India and have mythological importance; the combining of nature with holy beliefs had big reasons. In simple words Nature, is principle and whole universe is at its dependability. Disturbing nature means you are letting the universe in danger. The changing tradition, industrialization has become lethal to mankind and for posterity. It’s important that we all understand the basis of civilization and nature first then proceed; this will help in good development of society, city and nations. We should all come together in preserving he culture and keeping the modern trends in equilibrium.

My instance of Sun as God is simply to pull your attention towards global warming. Cows and cattle folk are losing importance and are being slaughtered brutally across the world. My heart cries seeing the plight of rivers in India and cows brutally skinned for taste and leather.


Temples of South India Architectural Masterpiece and Strong Cultural Beliefs

I want to travel, to learn spirituality belief of many people at particular region. As the values are attached with particular belief with respective region and religion. India is land of diversification, you will find large number of cult practices and they follow very strict regime. India offers abode to spiritual tourism for all sects like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Jewish. Hinduism, etc. The Vedic culture has deep roots in India. In fact Vedas, Purana and Upanishads are holy scriptures which forms the basis of civilization.





Its surprising that Indian scriptures written millions of years back holds all details of evolution of man kind, their development and dissolution of the evolution. The intellectual verses, hymns have manifold knowledge of karma, birth, rebirth, reincarnation etc are topics of interest. With every temple, there is interesting folklore associated which makes the importance of temple even more and gives us reason to have faith in them.



Seeing seers and hermits doing all sort of typical worships, prayers and noticing them performing some amazing rituals makes me petrified and  amused.

To begin my spiritual tourism I would prefer southern India as it fascinates me very much, mostly temples are built beautifully, magnificently stone carved and adorned with gold and silver work and craftsmanship and highly sophisticated architecture. Besides, structural beauty, deities of Goddess and Gods are immensely beautiful and catches the attention very easily. The customs of shrine worship differ from temple to temple as I have heard. People traveling from far-off places pays their respect with lots of devotion and belief.Many are being heard of giving thousands and lakhs of money or gold in temples to revere the deities.

My main motive to travel south is to visit as many temples I can to get blessed by  Gods and to learn customs and understand the reason for the belief of people.  

Mystifying Ladhak


Mystifying Ladhak

Spellbinding Buddhist Monastery Ladhak

My Mind is Traveling Leaving Me Behind, The Dream to Travel is Leaving Me Crazy

My Mind is Traveling Without Me

Today I am bewildered, my mind is trying to break free, where it would go, quiet difficult to know. But today for sure my mind is traveling,  its not with me and left out to journey alone. It happens some time we are lost in something, everything goes hazy and blurred, I am in trance for no known reasons. I am bewildered how my mind can fly to such places which i have not been thought.

My thought are transcending all boundaries, touching different realms of nature, culture, habitat and people. Its sure my subconscious mind which want to break free today and get the taste of different things. It seems I am dissolving myself in euphoria of going away and exploring the vast world. The universe around me pulling my inner self more and more away from me.

The more I resist myself from parting away my feelings, more I am getting into the magic of transcending, I am helpless, but I admit, I am letting my mind go where it wants to wander, May be my mind wants to enjoy all sort of things which I physically cannot achieve. The life is small, the world is vast, dynamic, the more I get into it, i am getting perplexed.

The horizon, the blue water, the deep forest, the giant mountains, the glaciers, the beautiful landscapes, animals, birds all creatures, there is so much, the secrets behind civilization, the told and untold mysteries, the dry land, deserts all are beckoning me come and see, come and unfold the secrets, explore the truth of nature and learn what nature loves and how much it has lost by menace of mankind.

M mind is happy seeing the beautiful aspects of nature, wildlife, spirituality, mythology, the folktales. Today my mind is asking me not to stop the feelings, its forcing me to get into the labyrinth of life and nature and experience the hidden mystery. I am afraid of getting lost, but i can sense the energy flowing into me, may be I want to travel, explore and discover the objective of nature and mystery of spirituality. I want to be a wanderer, with the motive of saving the world from getting destroyed so much of heat, high pressure on land, forest area is shrinking, the glaciers are melting, desert are expanding, rivers are drying,many flora and fauna are endangered animals and birds species loosing their existence. This beautiful world is loosing its sheen, its softness, its nature is getting lost and troubled. My mind is saying I can’t survive anymore I am leaving you. We have also threatened our life. Can we live in separation of nature, what if we have no night and day, oh it gives me creep, my inner-self is crying, how it will be, sure a hell.

Now i understood, why my mind is traveling without me, because it knows, the world is changing, its better to visit the nature and culture before its get too late to enjoy the bliss of native world, things are changing and so the world. My mind is saying please no stop, already enough plastic surgery you have done to this planet, let it not lose its originality, Save Earth, my mind is traveling without me, before its too late.

How to Best Plan Budget Holiday

How to Plan a Budget Holiday and Enjoy the Break with Utmost Excitement

7 Best Way to Plan a Holiday

Yeah, many of us are often bewildered how to plan a holiday? Well, my dear friends, it’s going to be very simple and not to hectic and over budget, if you consider the following points. Planning a holiday can be very simple and overall you will have a most memorable trip.

Planning a Holiday

ü  Deciding Destination: Finalizing a destination, is probably the most difficult task to do. You can decide a place to visit, keeping in mind likes of family members. You can visit many travel website, to learn about fabulous places and deals being offered for accommodation.

ü  Plan Budget: There is no limit of spending on holiday. But, it’s better to have a plan budget. This will help you in planning of holiday expenses judiciously and not tampering with your finance much.Avoid unnecessary shopping expeditions, just to wear in trip, unless it is of very high requirement. You can carry homemade cakes, cookies, nuts, jam, fruits, cereals, processed food etc to eat occasionally and avoid visiting expensive food outlets very often.

ü  Days to Spend: You must choose a destination keeping in mind time involved in traveling and numbers of days you want o relax. This will help you in proper utilization of long weekends or vacations.

ü  Avail Off-Season Benefits: To save enormous money, it is wise that you can choose tourist spots in off-season. This will let you enjoy huge discounts in hotel tariffs at almost throw away prices.

ü  Traveling Packages: There are small and big companies involved in providing tailored travel package, which take care of everything from transportation to accommodation and meals including sightseeing. You can even find reasonable bed and breakfast offers at minimum charges by many stay at home privileges.

ü  Choosing Offbeat Destinations: It is recommended that instead of going some crowded and expensive place, you can even opt for a nice and simple spot to visit, such places are clean, less expensive and beauty and peace is really very captivating.

ü  Type of Holiday: Today people have tour businesses a lot. You can mix it with wife and children to give it a twist. You can plan in advance and it will prove a best bet. Similarly, if you are adventurous sort of person; you can opt for some holiday where you can have some adventure sort of fun. The thorough research on internet and travel magazines helps a lot.

The above mentioned tips are very simple and effective. You can have a great deal of saving and fun combined with a planned holiday. So guys, where you are heading this time, simply enjoy and return with fond cherishing time. Or else, going for business, surprise your family by taking along them too, by simply thinking ahead.

Bon- Bon Voyage!!!

Kerala Ayurveda Tourism Proper Meditation and Ayurvedic Treatment Enhances Mind and Body

Best Ayurveda Health and Tourist Destination Kerala is Bewitching

Meditation, Yoga and Ayurveda are the thousands of year old practices. You can turn the pages of historical  scriptures etc and you are sure to find long descriptions of different yoga practices. Yoga is highly essential and is popular all over the world in some form or other.Ayurveda is a science of life. More and more people are moving towards natural health remedies rather than going for modern treatments. Well, there are certain category of health problems which can easily be cured by following Ayurveda Treatment.

Kerala is offering heavenly experience in this context. The world class Ayurveda treatment, healthy environment in the lap of serene nature, lovely sound of splashing sea, simply makes a perfect destinations for those who want to get a break from hectic life and undergo complete detoxification and rejuvenation procedure.

The health resorts or rejuvenation resorts or Ayurveda Resorts are in high numbers in Kerala. As it has perfect weather, beautiful nature, wide range of herbs, wonderful environment, pristine water. Kerala is culturally rich state in India and welcomes everyone with great hospitality. Kerala is well connected by airways, roadways and railways. Visiting Kerala is a perfect choice to avail plenty of health benefits, learn and mingle with cultural heritage and local people, relish and savor rich gourmet along with spellbinding natural beauty.

You can even plan a stay in houseboats which have complete luxury and amenities. Kerala is very peaceful state and hence it is one of the best choices to get a brief seclusion from city humdrum.

kerala india photo: Munnar, Kerala kerala-tourist-places_zpsb97c91db.jpg

Relax, Rejuventate and Rediscover this Holiday

Allahabad or Prayag Raj“, is a unique destination offering divergent cultural attributes to visitors. People flock here in thousands every month to take holy dip in the river Ganges also known as “Sangam Thirth“. Allahabad is home of sage and cultural heritage attracts tourist and people from different corners of the world. It is really astonishing that lac of people visit to become part of auspicious fair which takes place after every  six and twelve years of interval called a “kumbh Mela”. Here people from different places even from abroad comes to be part of this huge fair which lasts for a month.

While visiting Allahabad, i can suggest you to experience a unique atmosphere of spirituality along with happy stay and resurrection benefits all at a  time. It is possible that you may find it odd, but it is true, we all know India is pioneer in yoga and mediation. In fact modern science also admits that yoga and mediation have profound benefits on health well-being. Vihangam yoga is an organization offering splendid experience in this regard. The location, ambiance, spiritual guru, serenity, scientific approach, holistic environment, makes it a perfect choice to stay and have benefits of mediation and getting free from certain diseases with ancient therapies.

The homely atmosphere, interactive instructors, nutritious food, natural surroundings away from city noise, really makes it first choice for those who are looking for home away from home. Make your vacation more interesting by visiting this holy city and indulge in something different.

These days many of us suffer from depression. Even youngsters are not spared from this. They get into either poor habits or involve in self-destruction etc. Taking a break and combining it with yoga and spirituality really helps.

I can suggest that Vihangam Yoga is such a place which is renowned for its services and gives wonderful relaxation, rejuvenation and ample ways to rediscover yourself in a completely different way.


Yoga Helps in Mental and Physical Benefits

Today we complain of many health related problems, the poor lifestyle and eating habits, are main culprit of ailments like hypertension, diabetes, obesity, insomnia, depression, drug addiction etc. In my view, the best way to get a good lifestyle is to learn yoga and mediation. Yoga on one side helps in better physique, flexible body improved stamina and mental concentration where as mediation helps in complete body relaxation and rejuvenates mental status. The fast moving lifestyle has made us secluded from family and self consciousness.

ImageThe best way to get rid of these health and mental problem is to turn towards nature. Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation, Self-Realization, Self-healing, Ayurveda etc are doors of natural healing. Getting into some courses of yoga and meditation practicing has been proved scientifically, that it provides boundless benefits to the practitioners and no side effects. 

You can choose from different yoga and health organizations like Art of Living, Vihangam Yoga, Gayatri Shaktipeeth etc to name few. The best way to get maximum benefit from ancient way to get healed is to stay at such places which offer long term or short term program.  You can stay there and get into a different world, which offers complete rejuvenation program by proper diet, mind and physical exercise, ancient therapy etc. the serene atmosphere and comfortable stay in the lap of nature will help you getting break from strenuous life and help in spending quality time with family and other people along with. The trained instructors, world class comfort, medical analysis and thorough mind sharing helps in getting root cause of physical respite and mental anxiety.

ImageVihangam Yoga is paradise to spiritual tourism which helps in giving complete rejuvenation benefits by trained and skilled faculty which have scientific approach and heritage concept blended together with modern approach.

India Offering unique Abode to Spiritual Tourism

Spiritual Tourism Has Manifold Benefits

India, Tibet and other south east region is abode of spiritual gurus. Many people around the world are attracted towards the spiritualism, the driving force which we can’t see but we can feel. The mystery of other world, rebirth, reincarnation, sufferings are unanswered for us. The metaphysics deals in all such things, many experiences of leading yoga practitioners have revealed mind opening facts, which really makes the science of meditation yoga and spiritualism a daunting experience for every age irrespective of culture and understanding.


Turning the pages of history, early civilization feared or worshiped nature, everything is affected by nature, our body and mind too. As in Indian scriptures the body is structured on the basis of “Water, Air, Sun and Earth”. Hence, parting away from nature means we are going towards self-destruction. Hence it is very important to have some understanding of our inner self and combining it with modern thought. It makes spiritualism applicable in daily life and giving us utmost peace and mental satisfaction.

imagesMany people are looking around for health and physical benefits by following some cult. It is very important that you understand the materialistic and immaterial approach and the causes of our mental anxiety. People visiting India can have a good opportunity to make their tarriance a more exciting and meaningful by indulging in “Yoga” and “karma”.

In India you will find number of such destinations like Rishikesh, Hardwar, Allahabad, Kerala, Himalayan Region, Dharamshala, Bodh Gaya Bangalore etc., where you can easily locate spiritual guru or organizations, which impart knowledge of mystery of birth and death. The intellects are well versed in understanding of values, principles and fundamentals of good and healthy living. The lifestyle also is great factor in your suffering. The proper counseling with dynamic gurus and adopting those in life step by step makes everything simple and beautiful.

Yoga Combining with Spiritualism Makes Life Happy

Yoga Combining with Spiritualism Makes Life Happy

Vihangam Yoga in my view is a unique campaign in realm of spiritualism. That has unfolded the ancient science of knowledge which has instance in “Bhagwadgita” too. My opinion is that getting attached with meditation, yoga and spiritualism learning and getting attached with almighty divine power is really fruitful and makes your life and surrounding peaceful and happy. People from abroad can think of spiritual tourism and can get bounty of benefits and can change their life positively.