Explore the Most Enthralling “Rishi Ganga”

Explore Second Highest Peak of India “Nanda Devi” and Bewitching “Rishi Ganga”

No doubt the world is full of alluring natural beautiful landscapes. The scenic enthrall small journey which I am going to take you through virtual world is going to give you an awesome experience. Let’s explore little bit about a Gorge in Nanda Devi Mountainous and sanctuary region called as “Rishi Ganga.” The most daunting sanctuaries of world located in Garhwal-kumaun region offers splendid wilderness majestically. The Nanda Devi sanctuary is divided into two parts viz. inner and outer. The high ridges on the north, east and south sides surrounds the sanctuary, the ridges which descends from the north and towards south facing Rishi Ganga Gorge, which forms a lovely brook and drains the Nanda Devi sanctuary towards the west. The mountain formation is in round form and looks fabulous. The west part of the ring is bit sloping down where Rishi Ganga drains 380 square meters of ice and snow making it a wonderful gorge.

Until 1934, Rishi Ganga and Nada Devi was unknown and unreached portion of Himalayan region. But slowly it came to known and became accessible to locals and tourist. Soon, it started losing sheen and became vulnerable with poachers, loggers etc. In the year UNESCO described it under World Heritage Site in 1988 along with “Valley of Flowers’. Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve comprising total protected area of 2,236.74 km sq. This vast region is now under protection of UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves since2004.

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