Temples of South India Architectural Masterpiece and Strong Cultural Beliefs

I want to travel, to learn spirituality belief of many people at particular region. As the values are attached with particular belief with respective region and religion. India is land of diversification, you will find large number of cult practices and they follow very strict regime. India offers abode to spiritual tourism for all sects like Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, Christianity, Jewish. Hinduism, etc. The Vedic culture has deep roots in India. In fact Vedas, Purana and Upanishads are holy scriptures which forms the basis of civilization.





Its surprising that Indian scriptures written millions of years back holds all details of evolution of man kind, their development and dissolution of the evolution. The intellectual verses, hymns have manifold knowledge of karma, birth, rebirth, reincarnation etc are topics of interest. With every temple, there is interesting folklore associated which makes the importance of temple even more and gives us reason to have faith in them.



Seeing seers and hermits doing all sort of typical worships, prayers and noticing them performing some amazing rituals makes me petrified and  amused.

To begin my spiritual tourism I would prefer southern India as it fascinates me very much, mostly temples are built beautifully, magnificently stone carved and adorned with gold and silver work and craftsmanship and highly sophisticated architecture. Besides, structural beauty, deities of Goddess and Gods are immensely beautiful and catches the attention very easily. The customs of shrine worship differ from temple to temple as I have heard. People traveling from far-off places pays their respect with lots of devotion and belief.Many are being heard of giving thousands and lakhs of money or gold in temples to revere the deities.

My main motive to travel south is to visit as many temples I can to get blessed by  Gods and to learn customs and understand the reason for the belief of people.  


India Offering unique Abode to Spiritual Tourism

Spiritual Tourism Has Manifold Benefits

India, Tibet and other south east region is abode of spiritual gurus. Many people around the world are attracted towards the spiritualism, the driving force which we can’t see but we can feel. The mystery of other world, rebirth, reincarnation, sufferings are unanswered for us. The metaphysics deals in all such things, many experiences of leading yoga practitioners have revealed mind opening facts, which really makes the science of meditation yoga and spiritualism a daunting experience for every age irrespective of culture and understanding.


Turning the pages of history, early civilization feared or worshiped nature, everything is affected by nature, our body and mind too. As in Indian scriptures the body is structured on the basis of “Water, Air, Sun and Earth”. Hence, parting away from nature means we are going towards self-destruction. Hence it is very important to have some understanding of our inner self and combining it with modern thought. It makes spiritualism applicable in daily life and giving us utmost peace and mental satisfaction.

imagesMany people are looking around for health and physical benefits by following some cult. It is very important that you understand the materialistic and immaterial approach and the causes of our mental anxiety. People visiting India can have a good opportunity to make their tarriance a more exciting and meaningful by indulging in “Yoga” and “karma”.

In India you will find number of such destinations like Rishikesh, Hardwar, Allahabad, Kerala, Himalayan Region, Dharamshala, Bodh Gaya Bangalore etc., where you can easily locate spiritual guru or organizations, which impart knowledge of mystery of birth and death. The intellects are well versed in understanding of values, principles and fundamentals of good and healthy living. The lifestyle also is great factor in your suffering. The proper counseling with dynamic gurus and adopting those in life step by step makes everything simple and beautiful.

Yoga Combining with Spiritualism Makes Life Happy

Yoga Combining with Spiritualism Makes Life Happy

Vihangam Yoga in my view is a unique campaign in realm of spiritualism. That has unfolded the ancient science of knowledge which has instance in “Bhagwadgita” too. My opinion is that getting attached with meditation, yoga and spiritualism learning and getting attached with almighty divine power is really fruitful and makes your life and surrounding peaceful and happy. People from abroad can think of spiritual tourism and can get bounty of benefits and can change their life positively.