Worshiping Nature is First Step Towards Spiritualism



“Lord Krishna”







Spiritualism is everywhere in some form and practices, the years old belief and tradition being carried out is not uncommon to any civilization. For me the nature and spirituality is two wheels of the civilization. That why the civilization developed on bank of rivers in all the countries like Egyptian, Mohenjo-Daro, Harappa and modern cities all dwell near rivers. People use to pray as well as dread nature. We have instances of worshiping nature in different forms in almost all the world from primitive time to present time.



In India “Nature is Very Holy” it means that there is large number of holy practices done for nature. For instance, Hindus have custom of offering water to Sun ‘God Surya’ in the dawn. Special prayers are offered to rivers and cows. In fact cow is considered as mother in Hindu religion and is considered as able to cure many problems and diseases, how can we forget Lord Krishna’s affection towards cow. It’s astonishing that Krishna’s village main source of income was dairy and dairy products. And the village “Vrindavan and Brij” was very rich and prosperous and use to pay high revenue to the king with great ease. Cow is given high respect and considered as ‘Mata or Mother’ in Hindu household.



Many trees are also worshiped in India and have mythological importance; the combining of nature with holy beliefs had big reasons. In simple words Nature, is principle and whole universe is at its dependability. Disturbing nature means you are letting the universe in danger. The changing tradition, industrialization has become lethal to mankind and for posterity. It’s important that we all understand the basis of civilization and nature first then proceed; this will help in good development of society, city and nations. We should all come together in preserving he culture and keeping the modern trends in equilibrium.

My instance of Sun as God is simply to pull your attention towards global warming. Cows and cattle folk are losing importance and are being slaughtered brutally across the world. My heart cries seeing the plight of rivers in India and cows brutally skinned for taste and leather.